About Qubix

Karim Rafla

Co-Founder & CEO

Youssef Farag

Co-Founder & COO

Building Tomorrow,

Qubix was founded in 2016 by two young and ambitious entrepreneurs who had a vision of initially introducing Container Architecture to the Egyptian market and cause some disruption to the well-established construction industry, one of Egypt’s fastest growing and most competitive industries.

In three short years the Qubix team has grown from two entrepreneurs standing in a backyard with one shipping container, to a company that employs 60+ highly skilled and trained individuals who have delivered over 50 unique projects to clients in industries ranging from retail, construction, development, F&B and residential.

The Qubix team shares a dream that cannot be contained, we are fuelled by believing we can do things better and faster than our competitors as well as attempt exciting and daring projects that others wouldn’t, quality is synonymous with our brand and we will always strive to add value to our clients through our services and products which we constantly develop in order to stay fresh, unique and innovative.